Our porcelain veneers carry a minimum three-year guarantee so that you can feel confident with our results. Your cosmetic dentist will give you detailed information on which aspects of your work are included.

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Terms of the guarantee

We recommend an annual examination to ensure the veneers are maintained and cared for correctly. Regular exams will help us preserve your work’s appearance and integrity for as long as possible – and in some cases, 30 years or more.


  • Must attend a yearly examination.
  • Must follow recommended aftercare procedures.
  • There is no outstanding balance on the account.
  • The dentistry has not been damaged by additional dental treatment performed by other dental practices.
  • Veneers are not damaged by trauma or gum disease.

Reviewed as the best

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“The perfect smile is truly excellent. I am thrilled with the end natural, result.”

Kim Millhouse, Hertfordshire

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Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended veneer treatments have left thousands of our patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and the way their smile functions.

Before & After Gallery

See what our patients look like before and after veneers so you can gain a better idea of how they’re going to look and work for you.