Are crowns better than fillings?

Are crowns better than fillings?

Crowns offer a different advantage to fillings. A crown protects a weakened tooth and a filling for a cavity. If you’ve been recommended a crown it’s to prevent your tooth from cracking apart.

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Fillings restore teeth

Fillings are used when most of the tooth is still intact. It rebuilds a tooth back to its original morphology and shape.

Crowns support and protect weakened teeth

A crown is advised when the remaining tooth structure has been weakened and the tooth is unable to support itself. This can be due to several reasons: previous damage or fractures, repetitive fillings and root canal treatments.

Ignoring the need for a crown can lead to a poor prognosis for the tooth, which eventually might need to be extracted. Find out more.

even distribution of bite forces

A crown prevents biting forces from putting excessive pressure on any one point of the tooth.

A crown allows the chewing forces to be evenly distributed across the tooth which means that the tooth is less likely to break in the future.

The main disadvantage of crowns over fillings

Preparation is required when placing a crown. Do crowns hurt? Fillings (especially tooth coloured) do not require tooth prep, only sharp edges are removed and the decay cleaned up. 

For a crown, a large part of the tooth needs to be prepared to accommodate the thickness of the porcelain.

Unfortunately, with crowns, we cannot make them super thin since they are supporting the whole tooth.

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The Trial Crown

The Trial Crown is primarily used to test out the crown’s biting surface to ensure it is compatible with your teeth. We want the resulting bite to be stable and harmonious. The Trial Crown is made of a very hard plastic and is cemented to the tooth using a semi-permanent bonding technique. 

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