Root Canal Process

What the root canal procedure is like.

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First step - assessment

A diagnosis is made based on your history of symptoms, a thorough clinical examination of your teeth and X-rays. Therefore, a check-up is recommended to correctly diagnose the source of pain and discuss the options suitable for treatment.

A root canal is generally carried out in one visit, but on some occasions, a second appointment is required. Treatments are usually 2 hours long, and every effort is made to ensure you are comfortable. 

How the Treatment is Carried Out

Root canal treatment is routinely carried out under local anaesthetic; however, sedation can be arranged if required. 

  1. A thin plastic sheet called a rubber dam (which is held on with a metal clamp) is placed over your tooth to keep the tooth dry and stop bacteria from your saliva getting into the root. 
  2. The tooth’s nerve space is accessed through a small opening and the pulp is cleaned out in the canal. 
  3. The canal is sealed and filled with a temporary top dressing, ready for your dentist to place a new filling. 
  4. We recommend that the molars and premolars are covered by a crown following the root canal.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort, contact us today. We also offer an initial free consultation so we can get a better understanding of your situation.

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