root Canal Myths

What’s true and what isn’t concerning root canal treatment.

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Dr Negin Mosahebi is an experienced dentist who has devoted her clinical practice solely to endodontics since 2003 and has had many years of postgraduate studies to perfect her skills.

As well to her experience in treating our patients, she uses a dental operating microscope to ensure safe, predictable treatment with optimal results.


  1. Root Canal Treatment is Painful: With modern technology for diagnosis, excellent anaesthesia and treatment modalities, root canal treatment is no more painful than a simple filling. 
  2. Root Canals Cause Illness: This myth is based on poor research performed almost a century ago and has since been found to be flawed. In fact, root canal treatment is safe and effective – with the sole aim of eliminating bacteria from the infected roots of teeth.
  3. You Only Need a Root Canal if You Are Experiencing a Toothache: Pain can be an indicator, but in some cases, nerves in damaged teeth can die slowly over a long period, desensitising it from further insults such as hot/cold stimuli – therefore, there may be no pain.
  4. It is Better to Pull a Tooth Than to Keep It: Keeping your natural tooth, if possible, is far better than any other option. There are cases when your tooth may be beyond repair or heavily fractured, but, in most cases, we can save your tooth with a root canal, re-treatment or surgery. 

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