Dental implants are an excellent replacement for missing teeth and restoring your smile.

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How Much Does a Full Set of Dental Implants Cost?

A complete set of dental implants usually refers to four implants placed per arch to fix a hybrid denture. Often referred to as All-on-Four or Teeth in a Day.

Costs start from £10,000 per arch.

There are many ways patients can spread the cost or break up payments, for example, with 0% finance over 24 months.

Additional Costs

Procedures like All-on-4 do not require additional surgical procedures such as bone grafting or sinus lifts. Additional costs will also occur if patients prefer a bridge to a denture.

Average Implant Costs

Every patient’s teeth and smile are unique, so it is not easy to give exact prices. However, a single implant, including post and crown, costs £3,500 (on average). Our costs are £2,550.

If you want a bespoke quote for your oral health condition, it is best to speak to 01992 827121, so we can provide you with an accurate price.

Still unsure? Read the benefits.

Implant Consultations (£150 with Dentist)

Your dental implant consultation will provide you with various options for treatment and their fees.  

With dentists located in the Hertfordshire and London area, book your free consultation today and start your journey to getting your complete, confident smile.

Firstly, What Affects the Cost?

  • The number of implants: We need to plan the number of implants we should place depending upon the final design of your bite and desired cosmetic results. If multiple teeth are missing, we may be able to use two implants to support various teeth, thus minimising surgery and risk. If all the teeth are missing, we can consider the “All-on-Four” implant treatment, where four dental implants support a full bridge or denture. Can implants be placed in one day?
  • Brand of implants chosen: Premium implant brands will be more expensive due to additional retentive or supportive features.
  • Design of the teeth: This is particularly important for those considering implant treatment for aesthetics and cosmetic enhancement of their smile. In this case, we will need to plan both the position of the implant and the design of the final porcelain restoration.
  • Any additional or prior work: Any pre-implant dental work required, such as bone grafts, infection control, gum or bone contouring to give a better appropriate profile.
  • The usage: Whether implants are used for denture or bridge support.
  • Trusted practitioners: The dentist’s skill in placing the implants – is critical, especially when considering advanced invasive work like dental implants.

Which implants are the best?

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See what our patients look like before and after implants so you can gain a better idea of how they’re going to look and work for you.

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“The surgery to fit the screw was painless and I was able to go about my day afterwards. The fake tooth looks real and hasn’t moved since fitted two months ago. I would have an implant again with Perfect Smile if need be. They were professional and friendly. Thanks again!”

David Murray, Hertford