If you have protruding or ‘buck’ teeth you’re not alone. It’s a common dental problem that we correct hundreds of times every year in our clinic based in Hertfordshire.

Fix protruding or "buck teeth"

Whether you’re choosing to correct protruding teeth for aesthetic or health reasons, it’s certainly an important case patients should rectify to avoid oral health problems in the future.

Thankfully, the good news is that our leading orthodontists, who patients travel across the country to see, can rectify buck teeth with many straightening devices, including innovative clear aligner technologies that avoid the need for obvious, uncomfortable metal braces.

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Treatments to fix protruding teeth

The good news for patients is that protruding teeth can easily be fixed. In the most severe and complex cases, teeth can only be shifted with metal braces. 

However, minor and mild cases of overbites, for example, can be fixed with clear aligner therapies like Invisalign, which is popular amongst many adults in today’s dentistry.

Quick answers to important questions:

What causes teeth to protrude?

As mentioned above, there are various causes for protruding teeth.

However, for many people, the reason for their protruding teeth is down to thumb-sucking during childhood.

Whilst this childhood habit is often comforting for most, it sadly produces long-lasting dental health consequences.

However, it’s not just thumb-sucking and dummies that cause protruding teeth. It’s possible to develop the condition if you were born with a lower jaw, whose shape or position adds additional pressure to the teeth and pushes them forward. Even your tongue can push teeth out of their desired locations.

The main causes of buck teeth include:

  • Tongue-thrusting
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Missing teeth, extra teeth and damaged teeth
  • Genetics
Can you fix a protruding tooth naturally?

Simply, no. There are no natural ways teeth can be repositioned naturally. The most effective way to straighten crooked or buck teeth is with straightening appliances and devices under the direction of an orthodontist.

Can protruding teeth be corrected without extraction?

Sometimes, overcrowding in the mouth can cause teeth to protrude. However, protruding teeth can be easily corrected with different types of braces, depending on your budget, lifestyle and preference.

In some cases, there are too many teeth in your mouth, which can cause a narrow smile. There might be some instances where the orthodontist recommends tooth removal, which will allow the remaining teeth to gradually move into the newly freed-up space.

Treatments for protruding teeth

If you’ve decided to do something about your buck teeth, you’ll be pleased to know that with today’s dentistry, even patients with severe and complex cases can access innovative and discreet straightening systems.

For example, Invisalign has developed over the years to be a powerful tool in reversing class II malocclusions like protruding teeth.

However, for patients with cases that are much more complex, metal braces might be the only option you have.

But don’t worry – we even have invisible versions of metal braces like tooth-coloured, ceramic braces that have the advantage of low visibility.

Plus, we even offer Lingual Braces, which sit behind the teeth and are considered to be the real invisible braces on the market.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Buck Teeth

Even though the main reason people correct their protruding teeth is purely for aesthetic reasons, many patients should consider several health reasons that they should pursue treatment.

For example, not only are buck teeth at greater risk of injury, whether being knocked out or damaged, but they also cause overcrowding in the mouth that increases the risk of gum disease, which if left untreated can lead to tooth loss.

What does composite bonding fix?

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