Implants vs Dentures

The main difference between implants and dentures is that traditional dentures use the top of the gum to support them. Implants act as artificial tooth roots and are implanted into your gum. Implants use a certain depth of bone to support them and then use either dentures or crowns on top of them.

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Dentures are a set of false teeth that fit over your gums.

No surgery or invasive procedure is required. Over time, the bone tends to resorb away.

When the surrounding gum and bone have resorbed, there may be insufficient retention to hold the denture in place.

Dentures make it difficult to eat and chew properly and can affect self-confidence when speaking.

You can fix the denture onto the gums with denture adhesives. However, most patients dislike using denture adhesive, and the increase in retention is limited.

Although dentures are removable, we use advanced techniques to ensure our dentures are the most retentive possible, as strong as possible, and made to be more natural-looking.

For those with existing and remaining teeth, partial dentures might be an option.

The stability depends on the shape, location of teeth, design and the material used.

“Dentures are usually best suited for those with a larger bone volume and healthy gums.”

Implant treatment involves a surgical procedure to integrate a titanium rod into your jawbone.

Hence it carries more risks and is an advanced treatment option with more significant complexities.

However, implants are a more popular choice because of their versatility.

Unlike dentures, you can have dental implants placed into your jaw to create a fixed, aesthetic and stable result to close the missing gap.

Furthermore, dental implants don’t require adhesives.

Implants can replace single teethmultiple teeth around the mouth or in a situation where you have no teeth.

Implants stabilise and support dentures or fixed bridgework.

“Dental implants tend to provide a more natural comfort as well as stability and being an effective fixed solution for missing teeth.” Dr Sam Jethwa

Dental implants can be a lifelong solution that is durable, and comfortable solution if they are looked after properly.

Our experienced dentists understand the care needed to ensure you can get the smile you have always wanted.

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