Are Lumineers Better?

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What’s the difference? Lumineers and Veneers have the same functionality, however, the processes of application differ as well as differences in thickness.

Lumineers Pros:

  • No or little discomfort
  • Majority of enamel remains intact
  • Less invasive as adhesively bonded
  • No sensitivity issues as no dentine will be exposed

Veneers Pros:

  • Stronger and longer-lasting
  • Requires enamel removal
  • Stain-resistant and luminescent 
  • Typically 0.5mm thick

The Verdict

Which type of veneer or brand is entirely dependent on the patient. This is because everyone’s teeth and specifications are different.

In many cases, veneers are suitable for a wide range of patients since it’s easy to design the perfect smile by choosing the colour, shape and size.

However, because veneers require a scraping of the enamel, this can be a cause of concern. Whereas Lumineers do not affect the original tooth in the same way and are referred to as minimally invasive, which as led to Lumineers becoming more popular for those opting against standard veneers. Learn more about the differences here.

However, because everyone’s teeth are different, it’s essential to consult with an expert restorative dentist like Dr Jethwa, who can advise on the perfect match.

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