Can dental implants fall out, and if so, why? The likelihood of a dental implant falling out is extremely rare. However, certain risk factors increase the occurrence of this happening.

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Dental Implants Are Designed to Last

In general dental implants are not a treatment designed to fall out or fail. Dental implants should, if properly taken care of, last your entire lifetime. Find out more.

Therefore, if an implant falls out or fails, it is likely down to a lack of bone in the jaw for the implant to anchor to. 

“Implants usually require sufficient bone to form around it to stabilise it. Bone grafting may be needed if the patient hasn’t got enough quality or quantity of bone.” Dr Gurs Sehmi

At the Perfect Smile Studios, we analyse the condition of the bone in great detail during your comprehensive, detailed assessment using 3D scanners.

We use advanced Treatment Planning techniques together with CT scanning imagery and 3D Digital guides to ensure the accuracy and success of treatment.  This is supplemented via digital radiographs that allow us to study your jaws in closer detail.

Reasons implants might fall out

  • The main reason is that the implant has failed to connect properly to the bone. This process is called osseointegration and can take several months for healing. It cannot be rushed.
  • If we place a load-bearing dental implant, they may not have time to properly join the bone since there may be undue pressures on the implant tooth during chewing and eating that prevent such connections.
  • Specific implant designs are created to allow human bone cells to attach to the metal surface of the implant. While others do not. In some cases, the implants that provide a better environment for connection are more suited.
  • The surgical techniques used may be incorrect. This inhibits bone growth around the implant.
  • The approach to treatment can be customised depending on which part of the mouth is being treated. Your implantologist can select the most appropriate design according to your conditions.

Other factors to consider

Infected Gums or Smoking

Films of bacteria called Biofilm start to appear on implants as quickly as they do on teeth. The major problem is that this biofilm on implants is resistant to antibiotics and antiseptics.

The biofilm can damage the tissues that keep the implant in place. Thus, the accuracy of the cleaning of your teeth and implants is very vital.

A high standard of oral hygiene is vital during the healing (osseointegration) phase. Dental Implant placement requires the patient’s gums to be healthy before implant placement, and at least a six-month healing period is allowed after any gum (periodontal) treatment.

Or smoking. Studies have shown that patients who smoke and have previous poor gum health (periodontal health) have a reduced success rate than non-smokers and have no previous problems. We prefer to re-assess and monitor the implants more frequently on patients who smoke and those with previous poor gum health (periodontal health).

Poor Planning

For dental implants to work, extensive planning is required to make sure that this is the correct treatment for you. That’s why our dentists cover every possible consideration to minimise implant risk and complications.

We understand the importance of the patient’s health and ensure that every correct step is taken before your dental implant surgery.

The Brand of Implant

The incorrect brand of implant may may end up having mechanical instability. This again stops the implant from connecting to the bone. The quality of the bone also plays an important part in this situation – a softer bone quality may prevent connection in a mechanical unstable implant. Discover our brands.

Various designs of implants technically facilitate osseointegration so that structurally, better support is provided for any given situation. For example, certain implants would be better for softer bone, and others would be selected for harder bone.

Poor Aftercare

Like most dentistry, dental implants require proper care and cleaning postoperatively. For this reason, we advise regular visits with the hygienist and dentist. This way, we can pick up any signs of deterioration earlier rather than later.

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The success of implant treatment is dependent upon many factors, such as the quality of bone, where the implant is placed, the skill of the clinician, the quality of the implant and the type of implant chosen.

However, with proper care and supervision, implants generally have a 98% success rate and can last a lifetime.

At the Perfect Smile Studios, you can be assured that every effort has been made to ensure we select the most appropriate implants for your particular situation. See: Are Implants Worth It?

We specialise in customising your Treatment Plans to suit your case and situation.

We have found this best provides the most long-term and lasting solutions. Please call our studios on 01992 827118 for a complimentary consultation to discuss a way forward.