Which Brand of Implant?

There are now so many different implant systems, brands and techniques available that it can become quite confusing as to which one is the best for you.

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What Brand of Implants Are the Best?

We choose to use only the very best implant brands that not only provide an efficient system of treatment delivery but one that is also the most optimal for the patient.

We do this by customising the patient’s choice of an implant according to their unique situation and specific oral foundation.

We specialise in customising the Implant Treatment Plan to be highly compatible with patients’ requirements and their mouths.

Implants have been used to give patients back their nutritional health due to proper chewing ability and increased confidence through improved aesthetics.

However, the success of these treatments lies in selecting the correct match for the patient.

The History

When implant treatment first came about in the early days, there were many limitations and insufficient clinical evidential backup, although they were a fantastic concept.

They were also costly and thus not available to everyone.

Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to innovative designs and collaborative global clinical networks, dental implants are readily available to almost every person and every situation.

There is now such a massive variety of types, designs and brands of dental implants that the skill now lies in the correct selection of all available options.

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Choose an Implant System That Works With Your Condition

The Implant Brands we prefer to use

  1. Straumann
  2. Nobel Biocare
  3. Neodent
  4. Biohorizons
  5. Astra Tech

Why Do We Work With These Brands?

We give much thought to which brand we use and why it would be best for our patients.

For this reason, we will only choose that treatment that is proven to be the best choice for our patients.

The brands we use have a wide variety of dental implants necessary to customise a patient’s treatment to be most compatible with them.

Many of the brands we have in our selection bear many benefits that are time-tested and thus provide a high level of reassurance of success.

Not only this, but we look at the specific benefits provided by any particular implant brand to make sure that it is compatible with the patient’s situation and oral condition.

Patient Benefits

  • High-quality implants
  • Durable, Provides strength
  • Material flexible to be used as teeth
  • Proven to be Clinically Safe
  • Manufactured using only the very best quality materials
  • Known to give a high rate for surgical success
  • Creates a good foundation for osseointegration
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Experience and dedication
  • Cost-effective and Efficient
  • Simple to use products
  • Leading innovators
  • Give treatment flexibility
  • It can be used even in the most compromised bone situations
  • Used by millions
  • An efficient system that works well in the Implantologist’s hands
  • The implants are designed to a very high specification