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Straumann is arguably the most popular dental implant brand available.

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Straumann is an innovative Swiss brand that exudes quality, precision, strength, clinical success and flexible treatment protocols.

Straumann has significant backing of scientific studies and evidence to succeed.

Also, its products have been tested in various cases due to its international presence and collaborative academic network.

Confidence in their products has led Straumann to provide lifetime guarantees on numerous products.

Their innovative technology and design have inspired professional dentists to believe in their products, contributing to the brand’s popularity.

There is a wide array of implant types to choose from with Straumann; they have catered for all complexities with treatment challenges.


Roxolid is a dental implant used in situations demanding high-strength implants.

This implant gains mechanical strength by adding Zirconium (15%) to the titanium (85%) alloy.

The resulting properties, such as high tensile strength, renders this type of implant suitable for those cases that require minimal invasion into the jawbone but still need power for support.

This dental implant can be used when there is insufficient bone, and the dentist is trying to prevent additional surgery, such as bone augmentation or grafting procedures.

These cases may require a shorter or tapered implant to maximise the remaining bone area.

A dental implant like Roxolid that has a higher strength value when smaller in dimension and at the same time preserves bone is beneficial here.

Roxolid implants are less invasive and contribute to a faster healing process with less postoperative discomfort.

It also promotes quicker osseointegration due to the use of Straumann’s highly innovative SLActive surface.

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SLActive has a unique surface that provides optimal healing and accelerated osseointegration. Many of Straumann’s dental implants have this surface.

Its high-performance, specifically designed cover provides vast healing potential with optimal bone regeneration.

The implant surface uses specific sandblasting techniques to create a macro-mechanical roughness – this means that the osteoblasts in the bone can integrate into this “roughness” and the traditional thread.

This makes the connection between the implant and the bone excellent long-term reliability. We also praise the system for the reduced prevalence of peri-implantitis (infection around the implant).

The connection is beneficial in medically complex and compromised cases or requires active intervention for good osseointegration.

These implants also have the added benefit of reduced healing time compared to the more traditional implants.

We use this type of implant in situations that demand a high aesthetic challenge and natural-looking teeth. Unlike the traditional titanium metallic implants, the PURE Ceramic Implant is made metal-free using ceramic and is thus ivory in colour.

This system is best for aesthetic cases that require a very natural-looking result. The ivory implant appears like the root of a natural tooth – this is great when the gum tissue is thinner, and a metallic overshadow to be avoided, thus establishing more favourable soft tissue management for aesthetics.

The Straumann PURE Ceramic Implant System uses high-performance Zirconia Ceramic, which has greater mechanical strength than normal porcelains and is thus highly suitable for supporting other teeth. It is also more substantial than the gold standard grade4 titanium implants.

The unique design of the PURE Ceramic Implant system was created to support a more significant loading of bite forces, thus demonstrating its strength and design integrity.

Also, each PURE ceramic implant is proof tested before leaving the production facility.

Hence, the 100% proof test of each implant of this design is a unique process in the history of implant production – this ensures unprecedented quality assurance.

Straumann has developed a unique surface on the PURE Ceramic Implant system comparable to the well-established and successful SLActive implant surfacing technology to remain cutting-edge and highly competitive.

It is called Straumann ZLA. This surface has extreme macro and micro-roughness created to promote osseointegration and postoperative healing.

Another factor contributing to the long-term success of these dental implants is that clinical studies prove that there is less plaque attachment in this system of implants.

Straumann BLX system is a recently launched product to provide a more advanced version of Immediate Implants that can be used immediately. They are proficient in immediate loading cases.

Straumann Pro Arch

Pro Arch is an excellent system for a fixed option for restoring cases where all the natural teeth are missing.

It also uses technologies of SLActive surfacing, Roxolid high mechanical strength and BLX for immediate loading. These properties enable bone preservation with enhanced osseointegration, thus greater treatment possibilities.

Straumann Novaloc Retentive System for Hybrid Dentures

 This unique abutment connection gives dentures more retention and retains the removable aspect.

It is made of titanium with a carbon-based coating that has diamond-like properties.

Straumann Mini Implant System

Mini implants are advantageous in overdenture treatment cases where the horizontal bone levels are less than sufficient.

Since this treatment is not as invasive as others, the postoperative healing time is reduced.

The mini implant system would be an option for patients unsuitable for additional bone grafting procedures but does not have the required bone heights and depths for the traditional implants.

It also makes for a more comfortable treatment since it is not as invasive in the bone. This type of implant also makes use of the Roxolid and SLActive.

Straumann Bone Level Implant Line

This particular line of implants has much use in cases requiring a higher level of aesthetics and treatment flexibility.

It was created to give a more natural finish at the emergence of the top part of the tooth (crown) as it comes out of the gums. These types of implants are exceptional in cosmetically challenging cases.

Due to its specific design features called Bone Control Design, the bone and gums are maintained and stabilised, leading to more control and better overall aesthetics.

Bone-level implants take advantage of the Straumann Crossfit Connection, which maintains the long-term stability of the connection between the implant and the abutment.

For more information, please see: Straumann Dental Implants.

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