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In clinical use for over 30 years with well-documented results, the Astra Tech implant system has proven to be a worthy competitor to most implant brands on the market.

Its primary purpose has been for ease of use and uncomplex treatment protocols.

The surgical technique needs to be without fault if the implants have the best possible survival rate. The more complex the treatment, the more room there is for error.

Astra Tech has taken all the unnecessary thinking out of implant treatment and has developed an easy-to-use, colour-coded implant system with a history of success.

The Astra Tech system has minimal multifunctional components in its use and so can be used in a wide array of situations.

Implant Design

There are specific aspects of the implant design which is unique to Astra Tech implants bio-management complex:

  • A fluoride-modified nanostructure surface technology encourages early bone regeneration and bonding to the implant surface. This is required for optimal osseointegration.
  • A micro-thread at the implant’s neck has been proven to establish an optimal load distribution and stable stress values. This means that these implants have the potential for long-term treatment success.
  • A tapered apex of the implant enables this system to be suitable for cases with softer bone and under-preparation.

These design features have given Astra Tech a multifunctional ability for its simplistic implant system. It is a great brand when simple treatment planning is required and the most stable result.

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Main Benefits of the Astra Tech Implant System:

  • Ease of use. This system has minimal components but maximum flexibility of service. It is a simple and reliable product that has proven to provide long-term stability.
  • It can be used for either single-stage or two-staged implant treatment.
  • The components can be used for immediate loading cases where early biting pressures may be applied.
  • It has multiple therapeutic choices, such as screw-retained, cement-retained or attachment-retained prosthesis. This gives the clinician a broad spectrum of vital flexibility.
  • The treatment protocol has a coded colour system whereby the Driver can easily match the installed implant type. This makes using the system for less experienced and experienced clinicians very easy.
  • Simple treatment planning. There are only three sizes with one implant-abutment connection. These, too, are colour coded. This means that treatment planning and inventory management become straightforward.
  • Single-use Patent drills mean no cleaning or sterilisation stages and are always sharp to use. This makes this system very clinically safe and easy management for the entire team.
  • Colour-coded system. All components, including the impression pins, are colour coded to match the chosen implant, so treatment with Astra Tech implants is very simple.

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