Biohorizons have ten different implant solutions that cater for a variety of indications. Even within each separate implant line, there are other variations to allow for specific cases.

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Implantology From Biohorizons

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Biohorizons has developed a wide range of implants suitable for many different situations and covers practically every surgical and prosthetic indication.

Now, recognised for their tissue regeneration solutions, they have come up with some very innovative designs that are also biologically optimal.

They are now also part of the digital movement and cater to digital workflow and facilitate guided surgery. All Biohorizon implants come with a lifetime warranty.

The Technology Prevents Bone Loss and Establishes a Biological Seal

All Biohorizon implants have incorporated the highly innovative Laser-Lok surface technology at the neck of the implants. This particular surface is the only one that has been clinically proven to generate connective tissue attachment to the gums. No other implant system has been able to provide this micro-biological connection.

There are cell-sized channels lasered into the surface of the implant and the corresponding abutments. This encourages this biological connection.

The specially designed surfaces stimulate a biological response that inhibits the downward epithelial growth and stimulation of connective tissue cells.

These features create a bio-physical seal at the neck of the implant, which has a protective function and maintains the health of the crestal bone.

This technology has been proven to inhibit bone loss which is critical in achieving natural aesthetics.

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Implants Solutions for Varied Indications:

Biohorizons have ten different implant solutions that cater for a variety of indications. Even within each separate implant line, there are other variations to allow for specific cases.

Selecting the appropriate implant line and type is essential to ensure maximum stability, optimal final aesthetics and longevity.

The implant designs vary in differing tapers (which established a tooth root-like body), internal connections, measurements and sizes to fit a variety of situations.

They may vary in:

  • Tissue level and non-tissue level implants. For example, the Tapered Tissue Level implant line is used for those cases where the implant is needed to be above the gum level.
  • Implants to fit wide or narrow spaces. Front teeth replacement has narrow widths for implants, and the back teeth require wider implants to fit the space for replacing molars. Biohorozons facilitate the type of tooth being replaced with an appropriately sized implant.
  • Implants when there is limited vertical bone height. Choosing this type of implant, e.g. Tapered Short, reduces the need for additional procedures such as bone grafting.
  • Minimising surgical time by specific treatment protocols.
  • Optimising surgical efficiency. This is done with guided surgical protocols that enable the clinician to angle and position the implant correctly.
  • Caters for compromising complex situations. This is due to the unique aggressive buttressing of threads on the implant enabling greater primary stability. This means that these implants are suitable in situations that require a secure foundation.
  • Rigid Connections. The varying hex connections enable a more secure connection between the implant and the prostheses.
  • Implants that are needed where there are high occlusal forces. For example, the Single Stage implant system has Biohorizons power threads that establish maximum surface area connection with bone, thus supporting high biting forces. This is especially useful when replacing teeth or when the bone is softer.

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