For over 20 years, Neodent has focused all its attention on implant designs, development and manufacture.

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Neodent® is the 2nd Largest Dental Implant Company Worldwide

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Neodent’s philosophy has been to introduce a product to the market that is more affordable for the general population and yet assumes the high survival rates of more traditional implant systems.

Consequently, the company has established a wide range of implant solutions that fit a variety of cases.

It has mainly designed specific structures of implants to suit various bone types. The bone type is crucial because it determines the complexity of treatment and the future stability of the implant.

Neodent has created the correct type of implant line to be compatible with a variety of bone types, thus, increasing the success of the restoration considerably.

Shorter treatment times and a wide variety of implants suitable for most situations create a more affordable implant treatment.

Neodent also offers a lifetime product guarantee for all its lines.

Acqua Technology

This specific design of the surface facilitates the wettability of the implant on a microscopic level.

By definition, this means that aqueous biological fluids like blood are “attracted” rather than “repelled” from the implant.

Usually, the titanium oxide layer of the outer surface of the implant is electronegative.

The titanium oxide will repel anything also electronegative (like blood) in normal circumstances, creating a hydrophobic situation.

Neodent has created a new surface technology called “Acqua”, which converts the normally electronegative surface to an electropositive one, thus rendering fluids like blood more hydrophilic.

Acqua encourages blood and, after that, bone protein cells to “attach” to the implant.

This fantastic technology increases the chances of bone regeneration and hence osseointegration.

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 This surface creates a micromechanical connection via a surface that stably encourages bone attachment.

On a microscopic level, the surface has been treated with abrasive grain oxides and then with an acid etching technique, establishing cavities in the implant’s surface.

This micro-rough texture facilitates osseointegration, encouraging bone regeneration by micro-mechanical bone attachment.

Some Examples of the Types of Implants Available Within the Neodent Brand:

  • Cone Morse Implant Line

This implant has an easy-to-follow treatment workflow, so there is less room for error. It has shorter drilling protocols, so quicker treatment is possible.

Supporting the new digital-guided surgery further enhances the accuracy of the system. In particular, its connection aspect preserves the crestal bone and establishes a bacterial seal.

  • WS Titamax Cortical

This implant line is instrumental for cases with missing teeth and reduced bone quantity. It avoids further treatment with bone grafts, thus reducing the need for additional treatment.

It has a short cylindrical body with high bone expansion threads enabling a secure, stable placement and longevity of the treatment.

  • Facility Implant Line

This implant was specifically designed for usage in the mouth with limited, narrow restorative spaces. It is also convenient as it is stable and suitable for most bone types.

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