Nobel Biocare

This brand has created implants to facilitate various types of situations and cases. Its strength lies in its ability to be used for less than ideal bone conditions and exceptionally soft bone quality.

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Nobel Biocare Dental Implant Solutions

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Many of Nobel Biocare’s implant types have been created with immediate loading, meaning teeth can be placed on these implants almost immediately.

Also, the ease of use makes it an excellent solution for cases requiring treatment flexibility yet an efficient, simple system. Many implant systems are very well clinically documented, leading to the brand’s high popularity.

Branemark System

This system is amongst the most innovative approaches globally that first allowed the fixed implant treatment to be possible. It simply revolutionised how missing teeth were treated compared to the previous option of removable dentures only.

The Branemark Implant System is one of the most scientifically documented implant systems since 1965.

As a result, it has fast become a proven, prevalent treatment solution over the years. It has also been used in a wide range of versatile situations.

One upgraded feature is that it is now available with an internal tri-channel connection. This upgrade allows for better and more predictable tactile placement.

This system also features the grooving and the innovative oxidized TiUnite surface, meaning that it can anchor itself to the bone very well, stabilising it for function.

The Lifetime Product Warranty covers these implants.

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Nobel Active

This implant comes with a Lifetime warranty, and its unique design features allow for excellent aesthetics and high primary stability.

The initial healing phase is critical when trying to stabilise the implant. Nobel Biocare has created a unique design of implants that activates this primary stability. The particular surfacing encourages osseointegration with its unique oxidised TiUnite surface.

NobelActive can be used in various situations – with soft or hard bone, in sites where we extract a tooth or in the front of the mouth for supreme aesthetics.

It has a unique design with an expanding tapered body and a unique style of apical design, creating an implant that can be used in challenging or softer bone situations with minimal overall invasion into the bone.

Unique Design Features:

  • The reverse cutting flutes and their unique drilling blades enable the clinician greater flexibility during positioning. Hence, they can make minor alterations in position to establish a better final result.
  • The specific design features also enable the immediate functioning of the implant. We can use them in those situations which would otherwise require extensive time and perhaps additional treatments like bone grafting.
  • Its design at the top of the implant (back-tapered) encourages the maximum amount of bone and gum formation, leading to better optimal aesthetics with a more realistic emergence profile.
  • NobelActive achieves greater mechanical strength with a hexagonal interlocking design on its internal fixation, reassuring the high strength stability.
  • This type of implant is also an excellent solution for narrow spaces. The NobelActive 3.0 implant is indicated when limited space is available, like the lower front incisors.

Nobel Replace Conical Connection and Nobel Replace Tapered

The unique conical shape of these implants is successful in multiple uses.

The conical shape reproduces the tooth-like root shape, thus allowing for immediate functioning.

Also, the internal conical connection creates a tight seal offering mechanical strength.

Hence, treatment with Nobel Replace Conical Connection and Nobel Replace Tapered allows for treatment predictability.

The four varieties of the Nobel Replace Tapered also enable treatment flexibility.

A unique platform shifting feature provides a small ridge that encourages soft tissue growth, increasing its volume.

This is a particular benefit of this type of implant since it can also be used in cases that require an emergence profile that is realistic looking.

The step-by-step treatment protocol with a specific sequence of drills makes it very easy for clinicians to create predictable long-term results.

This is enhanced with the mechanical retention grooves and the innovative oxidized TiUnite surface that encourages osseointegration.

The Lifetime Product Warranty covers these implants.


NobelSpeedy is one of the most flexible treatment solutions available today.

NobelSpeedy offers a wide range of options to choose from in various diameters and lengths, including narrow, extra-long and extra short.

This system is mainly a great choice when the bone is soft. The specific design at the apex of the implant is handy for the limited invasion of the bone and the bicortical anchorage.

For this reason, it has become increasingly popular for the All-on-Four treatment concept is an excellent solution for fixed full-arch options.

Also, its short drilling protocol means that it is time-efficient reducing chair time and increasing comfort.

The Lifetime Product Warranty covers these implants.

For more detailed information on the variety of implants available: Nobel Biocare Implants.

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