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At The Perfect Smile, we strongly believe in creating a strong, healthy mouth. This is to make sure that any further cosmetic treatments provide fantastic results. We're here to help you.

For over twenty years, our experienced team of dentists continues to perform treatments that revitalise their smile and oral health.

We take great pride in our work and are passionate about dentistry. This is why our patients continue to use and recommend us.

“Our consultations are the very beginning of dental treatment with us. It’s an opportunity to understand the various procedures depending on the treatment and for us to assess the health of your mouth. We use a range of examinations and technology that help us to create the ideal treatment plan for you.” Dr Rahul Doshi

Your initial consultation is completely free of charge.

Depending on the treatment you’re interested in, the consultation will allow you and your dentist to assess all the possible options for you.

Our consultations include various assessments of your mouth that give us an invaluable insight that you’ll be able to see in a report.

If you are unsure about what consultation you need, our free consultation can point you in the right direction. Call us on 01992 552115 for more details.

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(Your first initial consultation is free of charge.)

Our Specialist Consultations

Dentist showing young woman patient tooth x-ray on the monitor at the dental office

Orthodontic Consultation

Begin to straighten your teeth with dependable and popular brace treatments.

  • We assess your mouth, teeth gums and current bite.
  • We’ll recommend a treatment plan that can straighten your teeth.
  • This involves radiographs, moulds of your teeth and a detailed report.

Implant Consultation

We’ll design the perfect treatment plan to replace missing or damaged teeth.

  • We’ll produce detailed images of the bone structure.
  • Our assessment will also focus on your gums and personal habits.
  • We can restore the function of your mouth or improve its appearance.

Periodontal Consultation

Our leading treatments can be designed to successfully improve your gum health.

  • A biological status of your teeth, gums, bone and soft tissues.
  • An evaluation of your bone levels and current gum health.
  • Various treatments created to produce the best results for your gums.

Hygiene Consultation

Make sure your teeth, gums and mouth remain completely healthy.

  • Our hygiene therapist can carry out advanced treatments and assessments.
  • We can check your oral hygiene and create a plan to help improve it.
  • We’ll assess any restoration work you’ve had done, like dental fillings.
preparing you for your filling

Secondary Consultation

Discuss and think over potential treatments with a secondary consultation.

  • We can discuss treatment again with a partner, family member or friend.
  • An opportunity to revisit the aims you want from our dental treatment.
  • We’re more than happy to address any concerns or questions you may have.


For complex treatments, we can assess radiographs and diagnostics.

  • For multiple treatments, we can assess and properly plan a range of treatments.
  • We can receive second opinions from other dentists and specialists.
  • An opportunity to thoroughly explain the current condition of your mouth.