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Tooth Extraction
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If you have an infected tooth that needs pulling or suffering from overcrowding, we can make the procedure as fuss-free as possible with conscious sedation.

Tooth extraction cost breakdown (UK)

The cost of tooth extraction will depend on the number of teeth being removed, and if it can be carried out in the dental chair or with an oral surgeon.

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What type of tooth extraction do you need?

A simple extraction costs £150 and will involve the dentist pulling an infected or overcrowded tooth chairside. Patients requiring complex extractions, perhaps for rotated teeth or overcrowding that might require surgery, can expect additional costs per tooth or a higher fee to cover the surgeon.

In tooth extraction cases to remove wisdom teeth, which involves a more complex removal and oftentimes intervention of a specialist, prices of £350 can be expected.

However, everything at the Perfect Smile Studios starts with a check-up, where we’ll see if there’s anything else we can do to save the tooth and provide you with a quote for extraction so you can be aware of the costs before proceeding. 

Robin Scott
Robin Scott
You know your in great hands.
Robert Simigla
Robert Simigla
My son dint breath properly because hes gaw was in the wrong position and the Nhs dint do nothing just let my son suffer for 2 years and we fund Mr Biju. I highly recommend this place specifically Mr Biju he saved my son life with hes talent.He so passionate about hes job.
Kevin Frazer
Kevin Frazer
Excellent place, Sagar is top-notch and an all-around lovely person who cares about what he’s doing, I have nothing negative to say about any of the staff, they have all been fantastic with me being how I am petrified of dentists.
Chelle Todd-Brown
Chelle Todd-Brown
I couldn’t recommend the Perfect Smile studio enough. When I first discovered them I used to drive all the way from the Lake District to see them they’re that good!!! Always friendly & so helpful with rearranging appointments etc. & I always love my chats with Shivani the hygienist she’s such a ray of sunshine. My teeth are so important to me which is why I only now see the best of the best. Thanks everyone see you again soon!
Tanya Ohadi
Tanya Ohadi
Sagar Shah was my dental professional for my composite bonding. He is the best I could have hoped for and more! He took such good care of me and always making sure I felt comfortable, respected my opinions and decision making so that the whole experience was a shared one, felt almost like teamwork. I felt completely safe in his hands and I looked forward to our appointments as he put me completely at ease- not a lot of people can say they looked forward to a dentist appointment! The dental nurses were some of the nicest humans I’ve met and really added to the experience. I was genuinely sad when it was over in a way! I would 10/10 recommend to anyone considering them.
Christina Creer
Christina Creer
Had a hygienist appointment with Shivani. I had always been happy with my previous hygienist but the treatment was much more comfortable with Shivani and achieved a better result. I didn’t experience any discomfort during the treatment and she is a really nice lady who also gave me lots of aftercare advice. Would definitely recommend.
Vanessa Ffitch
Vanessa Ffitch
Amazing service and staff

Avoiding tooth extraction - procedures & costs

Sometimes, our incredible dentists can help patients avoid tooth extraction with procedures specifically designed to save your tooth.

Tooth-saving procedures include:

Tooth extraction necessary for other cosmetic treatment?

Tooth extraction might be necessary for cosmetic procedures like braces and implants. For example, in some orthodontic cases, where overcrowding is the problem, we may need to remove a few teeth to help make room for realignment. 

In the case of dental implants, a tooth might be extracted if it’s too badly decayed or damaged. Therefore, removing and replacing the tooth with a dental implant might be recommended. The cost of a dental implant is £2,550.

Tooth extraction on the NHS

Tooth removal on the NHS is a Band 2 treatment, costing £70.70. Fees can increase in certain situations that are more complex and involve treatments like crowns, dentures and bridges. Band 3 treatments are £306.80. Extra charges might apply, like referral fees, banding charges and treatments taking more than two months.

The Perfect Smile Studios in Hertford is a private practice and sadly does not accept NHS patients. However, for £150, we can remove your tooth and book you an appointment the same day.