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We offer a wide range of adult orthodontic treatments to help you achieve your perfect smile.

Our clear braces are a popular solution to help straighten teeth, and offer the additional benefit of being almost invisible when worn. Invisalign is a leading brand for clear braces and is a dependable, orthodontic treatment.

Concerns about the appearance of your teeth are common amongst adults. If you’ve notice that you cover your mouth when you laugh or talk because you are self-conscious about your teeth, The Perfect Smile could be the best solution for you. We pride ourselves in offering fast, effective and impressive treatments. Our Adult 6-Month Treatment is a tooth-coloured brace that can get your new smile in just six months.

Two popular, traditional orthodontic treatments we offer are: fixed braces and removable aligners.

Both treatments are incredibly successful - both for fixing crooked teeth and improving their appearance and health.

We also offer other popular braces methods such as a bite corrector or jaw surgery.

“We understand the personal journey of getting your teeth straightened. Our invisible, inconspicuous orthodontic treatments can help straighten your teeth and unlike conventional braces, can remain hidden during the treatment period.” Dr David Bloom

Our orthodontists are here to help straighten your teeth and overcome your dental insecurities.

Through our free consultation with one of our leading treatment coordinators, we will be able to understand your requirements and needs.

Find out more about what an Orthodontic consultation involves here.

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Invisible Brace Solutions: Invisalign


Invisalign® invisible braces deliver very effective and fantastic results for straightening crooked teeth.

  • Invisalign® invisible braces are specifically designed for adults.
  • Innovative 3D digital technology to create a predictable outcome for your treatment.
  • No brackets needed to bond to your teeth making this an incredibly discreet treatment.
Cosmetic Braces - The Perfect Smile

Clear Braces

Clear aligners are virtually invisible and custom-moulded to fit and straighten your teeth.

  • Alternative to fixed orthodontic wire and bracket treatment.
  • A very comfortable and painless treatment.
  • The Aligner is near invisible and discreet.
The Perfect Smile

Adult 6 Month Treatment

Discreet, tooth-coloured braces designed to get straighter teeth in only six months.

  • Brilliant solution for straight teeth in a short space of time.
  • A permanent retainer is fitted to prevent regression of treatment.
  • An affordable clear brace system.
Invisible Braces - The Perfect Smile

Invisible Orthodontics

Adult teeth straightening treatment designed to fit a brace on the inner surface of the teeth.

  • Teeth are straightened without the brace affecting your appearance.
  • Latest technology is used to ensure the lingual brace is comfortable.
  • Custom-made from gold alloy to reduce risk of allergy and create a comfortable brace.
Cosmetic Braces Treatment Hertfordshire

Traditional Orthodontics

Common and dependable teeth-straighten solutions that guarantee results.

  • Cost-effective treatments that help straighten your teeth.
  • Fixed Braces is a long-term solution for straightening crooked teeth.
  • Removable Aligners a brace that is removable but delivers effective results.

Alternative Orthodontics

The Perfect Smile offers a range of orthodontic treatments for specific needs and circumstances.

  • Braces designed to fix over and under bites.
  • Effective jaw surgery to help straighten teeth when braces can’t.
  • Orthodontic micro-screws designed to effectively straighten teeth and minimise any gaps. 

There are Other Cosmetic Options to Straighten your Smile that you may wish to look at including bonding and contouring.


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