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Implant Solutions to Help You

Dental Implant Treatment

Single Missing Tooth

Single Implant would be recommended as a replacement where a tooth is missing or if a tooth needs to be extracted.

It is the most common long-term solution available, with extremely good results and can be designed to cosmetically match the original tooth and neighbouring teeth.

Teeth Implants Treatment

Multiple Missing Teeth

Implants can be used to replace multiple lost teeth. You can use the implants to support crowns, bridges or cosmetically enhanced dentures.
Implant Dentistry Center

Implants in A Day

The latest innovation in dental implant systems has revolutionized the way we can now care for those patients that have missing, loose or badly broken down teeth with Fast & Fixed Options.

As the name implies it has some major advantages over the traditional teeth implant techniques creating confidence to smile or eat.

Teeth Implant Procedure

Denture Stabilisation

Denture Stabilisation Implants can be used to fix loose dentures.

Implant supported dentures eradicate the problems of dentures gradually becoming loose or painful.

All on 4 Implants Dentistry

"All on 4" Implants

If you have lost 2 or more teeth in your mouth you have a range of options available to you to restore your mouth back to its original state without the need for removable dentures.

Dental implant-supported bridges forming a great natural looking cosmetic option to allow you to replace your missing teeth.

Dental Implants Videos

At the Perfect Smile Studios we assign our success in implant dentistry to the fact that we have been very conscientious to only recommend dentistry which is viable, stable and has the most optimum outcome. Success is created by ensuring that we work in a mouth where all the tissues are healthy; we want to ensure that the bone holding the implant is of optimium quality; the correct implant shape, size and manufacture is chosen for your bite and appearance; the correct maintenance program is created for each individual and dentist performing your treatment has a special interest and a vast experience in implant treatment.

Our aim is to create and plan a solution that achieves long term success for you. The process starts with a FREE discovery consultation where we discuss your needs and requirements with a computerised photographic assessment and radiograpghs to help understand the possibilities. A complete examination is undertaken of your teeth, mouth, gums and bone. We seek to understand the health, the structural integrity, the chewing pattern and the appearnce of these areas to create a long lasting plan to fulfil you needs.

Dental Implants are artificial roots often made of titanium that integrate to your bone, allowing us to attach natural looking replacemnt tooth or teeth. They provide a long term solution to restore your confidence in eating, function and appearance as they they are often fixed and thus behave and act like natural teeth. The treatment forms one of the methods we can use to create smiles in a day. There a a variety of options available in how dental implants could help resolve any problems you have with missing teeth.

This treatment can be undertaken in a single day or in some scenarios, it may take 3 months (for implants placed in the lower jaw ) or up to 6 months (for implants placed in the upper jaw) to complete your treatment, from start to completion. This may vary dependant on the type of implant treatment being considered, the width and height of available bone, the healing time required after the removal of the tooth in the area, the quality of bone and the possible presence of infection or if the bone present is deficient and a bone graft is required.