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What are Dental Implants ?

Dental Implants are artificial roots often made of titanium that integrate to your bone, allowing us to attach natural looking replacemnt tooth or teeth. There are many types of implants that may vary in

  • 1. size - where the width and height of your implant is chosen specifically to the dimension of your bone available.
  • 2. design - where the position of the missing tooth, the bone quality and the speed of desired treatment determine the implant used.
  • 3. the manufacture - only well researched, scientifically proven, world renowned impants such as those from Straumann, Nobel Biocare, Bredent and Astra are used. The decision of the chosen implant will be made on an individual basis after carrying out a comprehensive assessment.
  • 4. the material - the majority of implants are titanium or titanium allow as material allows osseointegration ( the biologic micro mechanical bonding of bone to the implant ) to take place, as these materials are biocompatible. Ceramic implants are also available.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • They can eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment often associated with ill-fitting dentures.
  • They help to preserve the natural jaw bone and consequently the facial structures and form.
  • Dental implants prevent other neighbouring teeth from invading the space left by a missing tooth.
  • Teeth implants can also be used to anchor crowns, bridges and dentures.
  • They preserve healthy neighbouring teeth from the loss of tooth structure required in conventional bridge treatment.
  • Restores your chewing ability with complete confidence
  • You can enjoy strong and long lasting teeth
  • Creates the superb look, feel and function of natural teeth
  • They are very well tolerated and are safe.

Why Implants are ideal ?

There are many situations in your mouth where teeth implants may be advised. Our highly experienced and skilled implantologists can advise you appropriately in a complimentary consultation after understanding your exact needs.


If you are looking to improve your smile but are missing one or more teeth, this could be a great cosmetic option for you.


If you are unable to chew your food properly dental implants help to restore function and balance of your teeth.


If you are coping with ill-fitting dentures or loose dentures, teeth implants can help to restore stability and comfort.

Read more on dental implant here: Association Of Dental Implantology

How Long will Implant treatment take ?

Tooth Implants

Step 1: Adequate Healing of Site Prior to Placement Of Implant

An implant is often placed 3 months after a troth is removed to ensure adequate healing of the implant. However is certain situations when placing Immediate Implants, implants can be placed on the day of tooth removal if on assessment of the site, the conditions of the bone and tooth to removed are favourable.

Step 2: Implant Placement

Placing the implant involves a small, comfortable procedure, usually carried out with a local anaesthetic. The tooth implant is placed in the bone and left to integrate. During the interim period, a transitional fixed bridge or a removable denture is used to close your gap.

For the upper jaw, ideally 6 months healing, and for the lower jaw 3-4 months healing, should be allowed, prior to the placement of the definitive restoration.

Step 3: Final Restoration

This stage involves taking an impression to create a custom made post onto which you final restoration (whether it is a crown or bridge) will be fitted onto. The impression is sent to our ceramist who will create the titanium or ceramic post.

This precision fitting post is securely attached into the implant. The dentist and ceramist then create the final new tooth crown to the desired size shape, shade and cosmetics. The porcelain crown or bridge is made to look like your natural teeth and is fixed into place.

Dental Implant Treatment Timeline

Implant Solutions to Help You

Dental Implant Treatment

Single Missing Tooth

Single Implant would be recommended as a replacement where a tooth is missing or if a tooth needs to be extracted.

It is the most common long-term solution available, with extremely good results and can be designed to cosmetically match the original tooth and neighbouring teeth.

Teeth Implants Treatment

Multiple Missing Teeth

Implants can be used to replace multiple lost teeth. You can use the implants to support crowns, bridges or cosmetically enhanced dentures.
Implant Dentistry Center

Implants in A Day

The latest innovation in dental implant systems has revolutionized the way we can now care for those patients that have missing, loose or badly broken down teeth with Fast & Fixed Options.

As the name implies it has some major advantages over the traditional teeth implant techniques creating confidence to smile or eat.

Teeth Implant Procedure

Denture Stabilisation

Denture Stabilisation Implants can be used to fix loose dentures.

Implant supported dentures eradicate the problems of dentures gradually becoming loose or painful.

All on 4 Implants Dentistry

"All on 4" Implants

If you have lost 2 or more teeth in your mouth you have a range of options available to you to restore your mouth back to its original state without the need for removable dentures.

Dental implant-supported bridges forming a great natural looking cosmetic option to allow you to replace your missing teeth.

Dental Implants Videos

How Long will dental Implants last ?

  • 1. We want to ensure that your medical health is optimum so we screen you to ensure that there are no contraindications to having implants such as smoking and osteoporosis
  • 2. We want to ensure that the foundation of your mouth is goos by ensuring that you have no gum disease an that past gum disease is under control.
  • 3. The correct choice of implant size, shape, manufacture and protocol need to be planned specifically for each tooth location.
  • 4. Having an experienced dentist, whose practice is limited to Advanced Implant Treatment and associated bone and graft treatment that may need to be considered may be a very important factor to consider. Our oral surgeon, Andreas Weigt has had the experience of placing over 7000 implants and performing more than 2000 graft toe procedures.
  • 5. Regular Maintenance.

At the Perfect Smile Studios we assign our success in implant dentistry to the fact that we have been very conscientious to only recommend dentistry which is viable, stable and has the most optimum outcome. It is our objective to give you aesthetic-looking teeth and gums that have a long predictable durability, as well as the choice of options that match your needs and requirements.

We aim to advise you of the most minimal dentistry to achieve the most optimum outcome for your treatment. Therefore, we believe that regular maintenance of any dentistry (in particular implant treatment) is essential to the longevity of this work.

We recommend:

Regular Dental Examinations

Routine dental assessments are invaluable as a preventative measure for the long term. We can assess changes in your bite, the dentistry in your mouth and the health of all the oral tissues. Early detection of any problems can prevent extensive future work. You will require at the very least an examination every year. Routine radiographs will also be necessary to assess any changes. We also recommend that you see us immediately if you become aware of any problems in your mouth.

Regular Hygiene appointments

New research is showing that to prevent any problems such as peri- implantitis, and maintain long-term success to implants treatment, patients need to see the hygienist for at least a one-hour appointment every 3 months. This is essential to care of the structure surrounding the implant placement. Also, careful oral hygiene is required for this type of dentistry. Your Perfect Smile Studios Hygienist and our Oral Care Coordinator will be able to assist you in developing a sound home regime.

How do you plan and design my treatment ?

The process starts with a FREE discovery consultation where we discuss your needs and requirements with a Computerised Photographic Assessment to help you understand the possibilities.

We are at this stage able to assist you with potential options available to you. Depending on your requirements we can customize and tailor-make individual treatments plans to suit your needs and budgets. You can opt for simple procedures to  more complex involved treatments plans to produce your beautiful new smile. Our aim is answer your questions and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages.

We can also  provide you with a computer-aided smile analysis and a hand crafted Trial Preview, to gives you the opportunity to see your smile before we even touch your teeth. We also use Bite Analysis technology to ensure a long lasting, comfortable and a healthy final result. 

During this assessment we will investigate that you have the correct width, height and density of bone. When there is insufficient bone present than we often perform additional procedures such as bone grafts or sinus grafts to add more bone volume. This may need a healing period of 3 months prior to placing the implant the regenerated bone. We may advise that a CT-scan is taken to obtain this information.

The dentist will also assess whether there is a possibility of an immediate implant for your missing tooth.

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